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A memorable day

I wrote this biography of the veteran broadcaster Tina Monzon Palma after she was selected to receive the prestigious Gawad Plaridel Award given to an exemplary media practitioner. This piece was published in the souvenir program for the event produced by the University of the Philippines College of Mass Communication, and later in the academic … Continue reading A memorable day

A traveller’s mindset

For three days this week, I felt like a traveler again, despite having journeyed no farther than 12 kilometers from my home to a place so achingly familiar to me and some family members.  The purpose of the trip was a face-to-face live-in workshop of the kind that had been part and parcel of my … Continue reading A traveller’s mindset

A song from the past

I was supposed to write about other things today, but a friend’s article published in the website of a major daily prompted me to set those other things aside for this memory. The article was about “An achingly beautiful song called ‘Both Sides Now’” and I had to drop everything to read it, share on … Continue reading A song from the past

Series logo

This is a short post to tack on a little label that I created using Canva to identify blog posts that will be part of my 60 going on 40 series. For those visiting for the first time, an earlier blog post explains the series.   The stories are personal and mostly private. Some will involve … Continue reading Series logo


This is just a short post to feature photos from pre-pandemic times when people could go out and share a drink and stories. As Covid restrictions ease, we’re feeling the urge to go back to normal, new normal or next normal, whatever it will be called. But we can’t quite do that with Covid at … Continue reading Memories

Collecting souvenirs

Long before external hard drives, digital cameras and smartphones, there was the Onoffree album.  Those of us of a certain age, time, and place might remember it– the holder of memorable photographs developed from precious film, pictures neatly arranged on a page covered with plastic and bound together in thick cover. Onoffree albums were conversation … Continue reading Collecting souvenirs

Countdown to 60

Today I start a series of posts on turning a year older. And I’ll be calling the series 60 going on 40.  Yes, I’ll be 60 in 18 weeks and I don’t feel it. In fact, I feel the same way I did in my late 30s. Even years later in my 40s and beyond, … Continue reading Countdown to 60

Review: White Lady, Black Christ

I recently purchased the book White Lady Black Christ by Charlson Ong after reading glowing reviews in a local paper. The author is a Filipino-Chinese writer who had penned three other novels, and although I had heard his name before, I had never read him. This time around, the reviews piqued my curiosity and prompted … Continue reading Review: White Lady, Black Christ

Traveling light

Because I finally decided to create the blog, I have unearthed some notes and pictures I collected over the past two years which were meant to be blog content. The writings are few; some found their way to my Facebook page, while others are unfinished and unprocessed thoughts. There are lessons here somewhere, so do … Continue reading Traveling light

My blog’s origin story

The story I’m about to tell is the reason for this blog. It happened more than two years ago, on the first day of 2019, a good time to be talking about beginnings and journeys. But I’m sharing it now in 2021 as a metaphor for the pandemic times we live in. B and I … Continue reading My blog’s origin story

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