A Coffee Night

B and I went to Starbucks because I needed a change of setting so I can write and meet deadlines. In the big table where I sat, there was a man talking to his computer, apparently in a zoom meeting, so noisy I could not hear myself think. So we decided to transfer to another table.

The closest empty table was still full of the dirty cups and saucers of the previous occupants, it was overflowing! The Starbucks guy started clearing the table. While trying to set my bag down, I accidentally tapped one of the glasses which was half filled with something like frapuccino and it fell, the contents spilled, and drops of frapuccino landed on my legs.

So I was muttering to myself what a bad, unpleasant experience this was. The Starbucks guy gave me tissues but i already cleaned my legs with wipes. We sat instead in the next table and i proceeded to work.

Here comes the starbucks guy who identifies himself as the shift supervisor saying he didn’t want me to leave with any unpleasant experiences, and would I want any drink or cake? I said no, no, no it’s really okay. Just don’t leave dirty dishes on small tables. He explains the janitor was absent. 

He wouldnt leave us alone, asking and asking if he could give us anything. He was persistent. So I said just a small cup of brewed coffee. He asks for my name and I show him my ID. 

So he returns with a cup of brewed coffee and a bag that turned out to have a slice of blueberry cheesecake in it. *Sigh* All in day’s work, for both him and me. I think it was a nice gesture, though. Something to ease the disappointment of a TGIF turned sour.

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